Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New recipe of mine -- Stroganoff

or as my boyfriend would say... never mind.
I successfully cooked meat without a recipe yesterday. I haven't cooked much meat in so long that it's a foreign thing to me now, and I haven't been proud of my recent efforts, brought on by wanting to increase the iron in my boyfriend's diet. But I bought some meat at a mexican grocery; I'm not sure what kind of cut it was because they don't speak a word of english, but it looked like maybe flank cut thin and pounded. So I cut that up into quarter-size pieces and marinated in some tamari and fresh pineapple juice which I had because I was making some pinapple vinegar and used because I remembered pineapple being a tenderizer and I was afraid to use vinegar because my boyfriend (the intended consumer) hates it. Then I got scared that the pineapple would be discernible and undesirable in a stroganoff dish, so I added some of my soured raw milk and then tried to pour it off thinking I could still use it if I changed my mind, which I did, because it didn't want to pour off much anyways. Then I remembered that yoghurt is also a tenderizer and stirred in a big spoonfull of greek yoghurt and some tamari and worchestershire sauce. (Mmm...greek yoghurt! You've got to try it; it's dense and mellow and rich and has more cream than whole milk. I don't need ice-cream anymore.) I let that marinade for a half hour and then fried up some yellow onions and mushroom pieces in some ghee, mixed them into the meat, and stuck it in the oven at 300° oven in a small casserole dish for an hour or two. Then the intended consumer got home and wasn't hungry so it sat in the fridge like that for 2 days and when I was ready to serve it, I cooked up some noodles, warmed up the meat to a temperature I hoped wouldn't kill the pro-biotics in the dollops yoghurt and sour cream which I then stirred in before serving. It was really good. The sauce tasted great, the two days in the fridge helped the mushroom flavor come out, the meat was tender, and my boyfriend loved it. It was also very simple, really, though the length of this post might lead you to guess otherwise, because it was mostly an oven dish, and because it keeps well in the fridge.

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